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very good

German Kuznetsov 5 hours ago

Cool site, all my classmates're sitting here

Sergey Sheveliov 4 hours ago

I got a gift for my mom

Lioha Krid 4 hours ago

very useful site

Youtuber Donel 3 hours ago

I didn't expect anything special, but the site impressed me

Viktor Davidov 3 hours ago

ive won lots of thinsg

Maksim Gnityko 2 hours ago

I really like all of these creative boxes

Danil Ermashov 2 hours ago

Already ordered many times - always everything is perfect.

Ivan Kostrovskiy an hour ago

Good quality goods

Vladimir Maykevich an hour ago

Collecting cash too open the box

Yan Sedelynikov 34 minutes ago
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How it works?

№1. Which countries do we ship to?

We deliver worldwide! We deliver to the post office nearest to you.

№2. Can I sell unwanted item back to the website?

Yes. Go to the “Purchase History” section and click the "Sell" button for the desired goods. The money will be refunded immediately to your balance on the website and you can continue to open the boxes.

№3. How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery costs about 2$. Delivery is paid when ordering a parcel from your balance on the site.

№4. How many days should I wait for the delivery?

We deliver parcels within 60 days.

№5. How to track the parcel?

After sending a parcel with your goods, a track code will appear in your personal account in the "My Parcels" section, by which you can track your parcel at any time. We recommend to track your package.

№6. How do I know that the package has arrived?

When the package arrives at your post office, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone.

№7. What are the guarantees that the package will arrive?

We guarantee delivery of the parcel, or refund.

№8. Do I have to pay for the item I won?

No, you do not need to pay for the item you won. You pay only the cost of delivery (it is about 2$).

№9. Where can I see my box winnings?

You can view the winnings from the boxes in your personal account in the "Inventory" section. Here you can also sell goods or order delivery.